St. Peter's Projects:

Haven Heights - climb to the top of the tower for magnificent roof top views of Sandwich

Project for 2016

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Proposed Project 2016

St. Peter's Glass Doors

Glass DoorsIn January 2005, the west entrance was given a pair of inner glass doors (to sit behind the wooden external ones). This was the culmination of a two-year project originated by Leonard Barlow - a Sandwich architect, to raise funds for their manufacture and installation. Their purpose is to act as a glass screen through which the passerby can see into the church when the outer wooden doors are thrown open.
The glass screen reveals the full length of the nave up to the altar and enables events taking place inside the church to be on view to those passing along the thoroughfare at the west end of the church, while protecting those within from the weather.

During Christmas 2004, for the first time, the new glass doors revealed a nativity scene, made by pupils from Sandwich Junior School and illuminated by Wyman Electricals Ltd.
After dark it shone out from behind the glass casting a glow across the steps leading down to the footpath skirting the church: a beacon of light in the winter gloom.